We offer following forms for the documents transfer:

  • Remittance advice as PDF file
  • Advise details as CSV-file*
  • Further forms are possible, depending on supplier's demand

* CSV data files are only available for those suppliers having a legally valid and signed ASPIAG Agreement.

The remittance advices or any other data are provided in the attachment to e-mail via internet. After every settlement-processing the remittance advices will be sent at once to e-mail address of those suppliers with a signed Agreement.Thus, the supplier knows several days in advance the amount of the payment to come (time saving, better cash-management).

The requirements for using this method are minim:

  • Internet connection (for registration and general consultations)
  • e-mail address (for the reception of remittance advice)

The corresponding User-Name and Password may be requested under User Request unless the supplier has been already informed by letter. With this user name he has access to the Member Section. In this Member Section, the supplier gets a view into his address and registration details and even introduce some limited changes. Further, it is possible to recall previous remittance advice and data.

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